Essential Oil Roller Balls

We offer six different essential oil blends to enhance everyday living and aid in a variety of daily issues in our convenient on-the-go roller bottles that you can carry with you wherever you go!

sleep     | get a better night's sleep                                                                            (lavender + frankincense + bergamot)

calm      | relieve stress and anxiety                                                                          (lavender + frankincense + orange + cedar wood)

soothe   | relieve sore muscles, aches & pains                                                        (eucalyptus + frankincense + wintergreen + clove + helichrysum)

energy   | boost your energy level daily                                                                       (orange + peppermint + grapefruit + cinnamon)

immune | boost your immune system naturally                                                             (lemon + clove + cinnamon + eucalyptus + rosemary)

clear      | open up sinuses and relieve congestion, breathe easier                                      (lemon + eucalyptus + lavender + peppermint)

Purchase individually or choose all six and receive a discount!

*Shipping: Whether you buy one, three or all six roller bottles, choose the "essential oil" shipping option and pay a flat fee of only $3.95!


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