lemony facial cleanser

This lightly whipped cleanser takes a different twist on the standard cleansers that may leave your skin feeling dry.  Made with plant-based oils such as apricot kernel and coconut, it softens, hydrates and deeply nourishes your skin as you cleanse it.  Infused with organic lemon balm hydrosol, vitamin e, sweet orange and lemon essential oils, this cleanser aids in reducing inflammation, restoring pH and uplifting and balancing the skin.  May be used with all skin types.  Add a small amount of baking soda for exfoliation, follow with our regenerating facial toner.

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Ingredients: apricot kernel oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic lemon balm hydrosol, distilled water, organic castile soap, beeswax, anhydrous lanolin, organic arrowroot powder, vitamin e, sweet orange and lemon essential oils, borax, citric acid made from fruit sugars.

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