“I’m not sure which product to talk about because I love them all! My dog loves the doggy shampoo. I love the bug spray and wouldn’t put anything else on my family. We’ve used the eczema oil, and it’s great on ALL itchy skin rashes…not just eczema. And her body oils, etc,, I love knowing that I’m giving my skin something that’s good for it and not any chemicals from who knows what! LOVE eco diva!”
- Joy E.

“I’m so glad I got the eczema oil for my daughter. After battling with it for 11 weeks, we went to the dermatologist and he prescribed a prescription, and it was doing nothing. After using eco diva for 2 days, it is already clearing up!!!!”
- Angie L.

“I am a bug magnet! When I am outside, bugs leap away from plants, animals and other people to take a little nip of me. I find it annoying, not flattering. I have tried vitamins, home remedies, and finally resorted to long sleeves, gloves, and pants tucked into my shoes (yes, it’s an adorable look!) That is, until I met Jody at the farmers market! I agreed to try the bug me not spray. HALLELUJA!!! I am free at last! This stuff REALLY works! And it smells good! I am hooked and now a huge fan! Thanks, Jody!”
- Kris A.

“My son and I were able to talk to and offer a little help to a homeless man today. We hung out and talked to him for a while, and he had the sweetest dog with him. The best part was when he mentioned bugs being a big issue for him and his dog with sleeping/living outdoors, I remembered I had my more than halfway full bottle of eco diva bug spray in my purse in the car! I went and got it and gave it to him to use for himself and his dog. He hugged me and was almost jumping up and down to have an immediate solution for one of his most annoying issues. So, I just wanted to share that with you since you were a part of blessing someone today.”
- Katie M.

“I groom dogs and this is the ONLY shampoo I use. It is AMAZING! I have a few clients that have complained about chemical shampoos damaging their dogs’ skin when they take them to be groomed. Using this shampoo is actually GOOD for your dog’s coat. If your dog has “hot spots” or naturally dry skin, this shampoo soothes the dog’s coat. It is also a natural conditioner and smells FANTASTIC! Jody not only sells this to me to use for my grooming clients, but she sells to the public. So if your pooch needs a bath in between grooming, I highly recommend you purchase this! She truly believes in ALL NATURAL, and I could not ask for a better shampoo formula. And a little of her shampoo goes a LOOONNNGG way! 5 stars for eco diva’s doggy wash flea & tick formula shampoo!”
- Melissa C.

“After only one application of the eczema relief oil, I noticed a considerable difference. I have tried everything over the counter, and nothing else has helped. I’m so happy to have found a natural product that works, AND I didn’t have to pay for a doctor and expensive prescriptions. Thank you, eco diva!”
- Sharon C.

“Absolutely LOVE the body oil I purchased from you this summer at the farmer’s market! Thank you for making a wonderful product available locally in our community!”
- Deana M.

“Huge shout out to eco diva for accompanying me to Guatemala where for 8 days I was hiking, zip lining, hanging out in the jungle, on the streets, on a volcano, sleeping without screens on the windows, etc., and came home with ONE bug bite, which I acquired the ONE night I forgot to apply! I learned my lesson!!!! I’ll never use another bug spray again. Bug me not, I LOVE YOU!”
- April S.

“My daughter used the eczema relief on her poison ivy this summer that was spreading on her like wildfire, and it not only gave her wonderful relief from the horrible itching, but also helped to clear up the blisters! Thank you, Jody!”
- Maria W.

“I had to pull out my bug me not bug spray during my daughter’s senior picture session, and both the photographer and her assistant had bug me not. It worked amazingly in the fields and woods, so it will work anywhere!!”
- Jenny B.

“This is the BEST eczema relief product I have found! I’ve used it on my 5 week old for 3 weeks!!!! Amazing product!!! Let me just say it is miraculous!!!! Thank you!!”
-Tammy S.

“I used bug me not the whole time I was in Costa Rica! I loved how it worked, and the smell is amazing!!”
- Jody N.

”So the bug spray by eco diva rocks it out. My son gets horrible mosquito bites, but this has kept them away from us both. It’s awesome, and I don’t mind putting it on him because it’s natural. No, I don’t know the people who make it. No, I’m not getting paid to say this!”
- Stacy P.