Fun facts about bug me not bug spray

Here are some fun facts you may not know about bug me not bug spray!

  • The very first batch was made in 2007 for our son because the mosquitoes love him! It has gone through four recipe iterations since.
  • It was originally called bite me not until 2010, when the name was changed to bug me not.
  • bug me not was included in the Country Music Awards Celebrity Swag Bags in 2011.
  • We bottle an exclusive recipe for Moonshine Hill under the name Hillbilly Critter Ritter. 
  • bug me not has traveled to many countries including Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Africa, Cuba and even as far as Iceland! 
  • People submit their bug me not pictures from all over the world for our Facebook "On The Road Again" picture album, and we love it! Maybe yours will be next!
  • bug me not was featured on Talk of the Town News Channel 5 on Earth Day 2012.
  • bug me not is now being sold in nine different venues which include a variety of upscale boutiques, salons, pet shops and wineries.

And there you you know some random facts about bug me not!




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eco diva
eco diva

August 11, 2015

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article and for the awesome compliment ~ we truly appreciate it and are so glad you are liking it!!

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

August 01, 2015

This stuff is amazing!!! Other bug sprays I have used in the past leave a residue on my skin. Once I apply this spray, I forget I’m wearing it. I have not been bitten once while wearing this stuff! BEST ever! Very satisfied!

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