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Quick Tips on How To Use Essential Oils, Nature's Medicine

November 11, 2016

Essential oils ~ everybody is talking about them.  I have had many people say to me, “I want to start using essential oils, but I don’t know what to do with them.” Essential oils are fragrant, highly concentrated natural constituents that are found in plants. They are what give the plant its characteristic odor and contain the healing power of the plant from which it was extracted. Simply put, they are nature’s provision to help improve and heal our bodies and the environment around us. There are really no limits to the benefits of essential oils, and there are many ways you can use and apply them daily to improve your overall health and environment in your home, office or the...

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Wondering what eco diva is all about?

September 09, 2015

We want to share a little bit about eco diva and what we believe in! Check out our YouTube video for more information, but here are a few things we hope you enjoy!   YouTube video: http://tinyurl.com/myecodiva   Founded in 2008 in Nashville, TN, the idea behind eco diva was born out of a desire to design personal care products that were truly natural, chemical free and affordable. After months of trial runs and using friends as guinea pigs, we began creating products that contain no chemical or synthetic ingredients.  Many of our clients have skin sensitivities, so we choose only pure and natural ingredients that are organic when possible, plant-based and biodegradable. Each ingredient is chosen with the environment...

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Is your sunscreen safe? Thoughts, tips and info on SunWise sunscreen!

August 05, 2015

Knowing what ingredients are in your sunscreen, good and bad, will go a long way in helping you protect your skin safely!   “Real-world observations of sunscreen use show that actual protection is limited far more by the amount applied and how often it is reapplied than by the SPF.” 


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Fun facts about bug me not bug spray

March 09, 2015

Here are some fun facts you may not know about bug me not bug spray! The very first batch was made in 2007 for our son because the mosquitoes love him! It has gone through four recipe iterations since. It was originally called bite me not until 2010, when the name was changed to bug me not. bug me not was included in the Country Music Awards Celebrity Swag Bags in 2011. We bottle an exclusive recipe for Moonshine Hill under the name Hillbilly Critter Ritter.  bug me not has traveled to many countries including Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Africa, Cuba and even as far as Iceland!  People submit their bug me not pictures from all over the world for our...

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