$7 or $10

purified air

This amazing disinfecting spray is a wonderful air purifier that contains none of the aerosol chemicals.  Loaded...

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$10 or $15

doggy wash

Our doggy wash flea and tick formula is the perfect choice for your pet’s all-around needs!  Castile soap is a...

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regenerating facial toner

Made with 100% pure alcohol-free witch hazel and infused with sweet orange, lemon, carrot and tangerine essential...

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lemony facial cleanser

This lightly whipped cleanser takes a different twist on the standard cleansers that may leave your skin feeling...

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rich moisturizing cream

This yummy all-over body cream is the perfect combination of organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, soothing...

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$8 or $12

bug me not bug spray

One of eco diva’s most popular items, bug me not bug spray is a great alternative to the standard bug sprays...

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$10.00 or 15.00

nourishing body oil

Loaded in vitamins, this all-over body oil contains plant-based oils that are deeply nourishing and conditioning...

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eczema relief oil

This unique blend of organic plant-based oils, organic lemon balm hydrosol, organic calendula hydrosol and...

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